A Personal Site by Richard Lin aka OctaneGuy | Friday, June 23, 2006

This site is a personal site developed around one of my passions. My 2003 MINI Cooper. Granted this little car has only been with me since September 5, 2003, it has made a significant impact upon my life. It's quite interesting how a "mechanical chunk of steel" can have such a profound impact.

My MINI Obsession isn't really that mini, and it isn't that rare. We MINI owners find so much joy in motoring and meeting with other MINI fanatics.

The most interesting thing about this is that many of us were never like this until we got our MINI!

The MINI obsession is all about normal people going about their daily lives and routines and discovering that a little car can provide so much pleasure without breaking the bank.

If you're new to the MINI scene, there will be many things to learn. First of all, we have all named our MINI's. Secondly, most of us know our VIN numbers by heart! Thirdly, we may all seem a bit obsessive and possessive of our "babies", but that's pretty natural for MINI owners. Fourthly, Motoring is not just something we do in the MINI, but we do it when we leave the car too. It's an attitude. A way of thinking. It's the MINI way.

Finally, if you happen to see a couple of MINI's on the roadway waving to each other, you are witnessing the MINI Motoring etiquette which is to greet and wave to fellow MINI motorists! Not everyone does it, but many of us do, and makes it so much more fun!

Motor On!!!

Richard Lin & Lil'Octane

Why Lil'Octane?

Some people are wondering why I call my MINI Lil'Octane. Even more so, why are there numbers and Octane logo's on my car? Do I love gas or something?

The answer is very simple. I developed the first energy gel you put on your skin called Octane Re-energizing Gel. Along with my family company we market this product, and Octane happens to be one of my passions. I love the product, and I want to tell the whole world about it. Lil'Octane wasn't purchased by the company. It did pay for the graphics though. Maybe one day when we are successful we can have MINI fleet cars!

Lastly, a more simple question is why do I even have a name for my car?

Simple. It's what you do as a MINI owner. Most MINI owners choose names before they become united with their MINI's. We spend months waiting and talking to each other on the forums and by the time it arrives, it's like we are expectant fathers and mothers!


If you would like to get ahold of me to ask a question, or you just want to go MOTORING, please EMAIL me today!

You can also find me on and also as OctaneGuy

*This site is Sidekick and Hiptop Friendly!