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Gallery:: Elbow Rest and Cup Holder::

Thinking about getting an arm rest? There are many to choose from, but this is one of my favorites. It's inexpensive, simple, works great, and you don't compromise functionality. The MINIFINI armrest is beautiful as are many others, but they cost $100+ and they either require drilling into the console, compromising access to the seat adjustment knobs, or require giving up the rear seat cup holder. This arm rest, more affectionately called an Elbow Landing Device looks like it came with the car!

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(Click on a picture to enlarge) Armrest

Elbow Rest matches better than this flash photo suggests

Support Detail

Support Matches Belt Clip

View from Rear Seat

Thumbscrews hold legs together to elbow pad

Rear Cupholder and Elbow Rest in front

My Cup Holder
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