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Gallery:: Roadshow TN 9/5/03 ::

These are pictures of Lil'Octane still at the dealer in Memphis, TN. Months before picking up Lil'Octane I met a fantastic couple, Stephen and Kathy, who not only named Lil'Octane, but also welcomed us into their home, and treated us like royalty. If there is one thing that I will best remember about the experience of being united with Lil'Octane, is that I met Stephen & Kathy!

All pictures are Copyright © 2003 Richard T. Lin

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Roadshow MINI

Wrapped at the dealer


Stephen Took this picture!

Near Stephen's House

Graceland, Memphis, TN

Kathy in L'il Bit and Me in Lil'Octane

Dealer Lot

All Alone at Graceland

8 Coats of Zaino

Another pic by Stephen

Another pic by Stephen

Kathy watching over Lil'Octane!

Window Sticker!

Original Trip Plan

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