A Personal Site by Richard Lin aka OctaneGuy | Friday, June 23, 2006
Technical Articles

Do you have an ABSORBER synthetic sponge/towel? You can buy them from Target for less than $10 and come stored in a plastic tube. If you don't store it in the tube, it will dry out and become very hard, so it needs to be kept moist all the time. But over time they begin to smell.

The instructions say you can just throw the towel in the wash to clean it, but it seems like a waste to wash ONLY this towel if you have one. I'd be afraid of washing it with anything else because first it bleeds color and secondly, it might contaminate whatever else you are washing it with.

I discovered an effective and easy way to clean the towel is to simply fill a small sink with hot water (from the tap) and apply a small amount of hand soap like Liquid Soap. Stir it up and place the ABSORBER in the middle, and let it sit there for several hours or even over night. When you return, the water should be murky. Just wring the ABSORBER out and it should be good as new!

I think this works because the ABSORBER can only hold so much liquid, and once it reaches capacity, it kicks out whatever it's holding--including any impurities!

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