A Personal Site by Richard Lin aka OctaneGuy | Friday, June 23, 2006
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Well, it happened. I was at the pump on my way to the Long Beach Poker Rally, and as I carried the nozzle to the filling area of my tank, and tilted it forward, gasoline poured out of the nozzle from the last person that filled their gas. At first I wasn't concerned until I noticed that my plastic arch trims were now white! Yes, actually white streaks! I was in shock. No amount of wiping helped.

Fortunately I found a quick solution. At the Long Beach Poker Rally, I decided to buy some MINI Plastic Care
# 83-12-0-142-624 that was 15% off today for $8.29 instead of the normal $9.75. I wiped it on and I couldn't believe it, the streaks disappeared. Thinking this was due to just poor lighting--I did this at night-- I checked it the next day and sure enough, the plastic looks new again. So I proceeded to apply it over all the plastic trim on the sides, front, and back of the car, and it made it look new again. Even pieces that were scratched or

You can buy this cleaner from your dealer.

Here's a close up of the arch. You really can't even see the discoloration anymore. The cleaner seems to work well even on places where polish/wax discolored the trim.

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