A Personal Site by Richard Lin aka OctaneGuy | Friday, June 23, 2006
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Today (August 6) I was at California Speedway in Fontana for a Euro event with European Car Magazine, and Piloti was there as a sponsor. Since I was there as a sponsor as well, and not a lot was going on, except my EZ UP getting blown around and tossed in the wind, I decided to say hello.

Guess what, Heh heh, I walked away $75 poorer! Actually, though I'm quite happy that I was a bit lighter! I picked up a pair of their just released Spyder Touring Shoes. They don't have Nomex lining, but they are super comfortable and best of all relatively inexpensive. I tried on the Mulholland on my right foot and the Spyder on my left. Having never driven with Driving Shoes, I was curious about what benefit I'd get.

I had read that it's easier to Heel & Toe with driving shoes for one, and that was a big benefit for me. Well, for anyone wondering what it's like to drive your MINI with driving shoes, let me tell you, it's like adding glue to the soles of your feet. It really makes shifting a pleasure as your feet don't slide or move about on the pedals. When I tried to heel and toe, I couldn't believe I did a nice smooth shift from 3rd to 2nd on a left hand turn at the correct RPMs. The reason I could do it now and not before was because as I rotated the ball of my foot to heel and toe, my foot never left or felt like it was going to slip off the brake pedal. That's what made it so hard for me to do in the past when wearing tennis shoes--I always felt insecure about rotating my foot off the brake.

Check out the cool shoe laces. They have a spring loaded clip. Just squeeze it and tighten! Never have to tie my shoes again! They do provide regular laces if you want, but who would want to?

I have a link to a good heel & toe article on my site: Article HERE And of course, here are pix of my new driving shoes.

I shot these tonight, and were quickies. I put my MINI key for reference. They are size 10.

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