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On Friday, October 16, 2003, I got my Custom Garage Remotes Installed.

Doug Ioki performed the magic again. Read about him in my PROFILES section.

Here is what the two triggers look like. I frequently commute between two different houses, each using a different style of garage remote. Normally I have two separate remotes, but I thought "How cool would it be if I had two buttons integrated into the car?" I had to differentiate them by color, and preferably they would have chrome surrounds. I found the perfect pair from my local electronics store.

(Click on a picture to enlarge)

The panel with the moon roof controls seemed to be the perfect spot!

As you can see, once the moon roof surround was removed, there was plenty of space in the headliner for both remotes! By placing them high, they have much less obstructions to cut down on range. These are simply velcroed in place. The case of the remote on the right looks cracked because this was an early picture before everything was sealed in place.

Take a look at how professional this is! All the wires have quick disconnects so a mechanic won't have to work around the wires! That's a super nice touch. Also note that the transmitters and buttons are at the top. You would think that changing the batteries must be a nightmare? Not so.

As you can see, the batteries are located on the flip down door beneath the steering. Just flip it down, and replace the batteries! Again, these have quick disconnects should the door need to be removed. In case you are wondering there are 2 battery types. One remote uses a 12volt battery and the other is a standard 9volt.

Here the everything put back in place before the covers and moon roof controls are put back in place!

Doug Ioki (PROFILED) can be contacted at 310-398-4139. Why do I recommend Doug? Besides him being a great friend of mine, he's trustworthy, experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, charges fairly, is always professional, and he provides top notch service. I think those are all qualities that any car owner, especially a MINI owner will find desirable. He is based out of the Mar Vista, Culver City, area of Los Angeles, so give him a call.

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