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I ordered my meatball from for the Long Beach Poker Rally. Well, numbers weren't required, but I thought it would look cool. If you want to save some money, order a pair only and CooperAccessories will only charge you for 2 of them. Just write in the COMMENTS section that you want only 2 meatballs. Also be sure to put your number here. Think carefully about the number you choose. #95 was important to me because it means something special between myself and my significant other!

Installing the meatballs is pretty simple. It can be done in less than an hour. The meatballs use a static cling vinyl. By using a liquid soap & water mixture, you can position the decal until you are satisfied, then work out the resulting air bubbles with a soft towel. I used a 100% cotton Terry cloth towel, rolled up to form a little ball that fit comfortably in my palm. Find an area away from the wind where blowing dust and debris can get under the decal. I chose my garage. And since I couldn't move the car after installation, I did this at night.

Using paper towels, I created a work surface so I wouldn't pick up any dirt off the floor.

Spend some time laying out the position of your meatball. I used masking tape, a tape measure, and a construction level to mark my areas. I also used a MINI RC Car as a guide for where my numbers would be placed.


Carefully peel the decal from the backing. Note there is no adhesive here. It won't be sticky. Simply spray on the soapy solution, I used a small amount of car washing liquid to a lot of water. Something in the realm of 20:1 or higher. Using a spray bottle, I soaked the decal.

I continued to check alignment. Notice the soapy liquid oozing from the decal edge. You might use the construction level to help ensure levelness.

Using the soft towel, gently rub the decal until all the air bubbles are pushed out to the sides.

Now simply repeat this for the other side. Make sure to let it dry from 24 to 48 hours for it to fully cure. You don't want to be driving during this time.

Remember that you can remove these decals anytime you want!!!

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