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NAV OS/British Female  

This article exists to provide clarification for updating the NAV Software on your BMW/MINI Factory Nav system. You and ONLY YOU accept full responsibility for your actions for any problems that result out of following this. If you do not agree to this, then please leave this site immediately. Again, you accept full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. I do not work for, nor am I affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned in this article.

Would you like to change the voice of your nav to something, well a bit more British??? How about a British Female or Male voice?

Thanks to a tip from Buz, I found on GBMINI's website details on how to get the British Voice. It requires editing the ISO file that you can download from the BMW x5 site.

You still need the latest version of Nero. My previous version expired, so I downloaded the latest one and it works fine again.

You also need UltraISO

The surgery needed is very simple. There are 2 folders that contain the American Female voice. You simply need to swap the American Female voice with the British Female voice by just renaming the British Female voice as the name of the American Female voice. You'll have to rename the existing American Female file so it doesn't conflict. I would just change the extension to BAK.

So navigate to the

rename usa_f.csf to usa_f.bak
rename gb_f.csf to usa_f.csf


rename usa4f.tsf to usa4f.bak
rename gb4f.tsf to usa4f.tsf

Now make sure your Nero is installed and save the new ISO image, and BURN to CD (all from UltraISO--which uses Nero's engine)

Take that CD and put it in your NAV and let it update the software.

Note, I have a 2003 MC, and it works! The Settings will still show USA--not GB, but the Female voice being used will be British Female. =)

Thanks to GBMINI (Ian Cull) and Peter P. Geremia for the tip!!

What does the voice sound like??


Mk III 2002 Nav CD BasedYou may have to change the voice files found in the ISO under MKIII. I haven't confirmed this, but based on the ISO structure, it appears that changing the files above may have NO effect on your cd based system since it is using different update files.


d4f.tsf = Deutsch
ef4.tsf = Spanish
f4f.tsf = French
gb4f.tsf = Great Britain
i4f.tsf = Italian
usa4f.tsf = English

Can I put in place of the Spanish Language setting the GB Voice instead?
Yes, but remember the Spanish character set will still be used for the nav. I don't currently know how to select/modify this. So as long as your ok with all of your text screen being in Spanish, it'll work fine!

The GB Female is cool. LOL. She was telling me to get onto the Motorway this morning.

I'm assuming the usa4F (f) is female and usa4M (m) is male---strange to me why the file size of the M are about 1/3 of the F files.

If you later decide that the Female American voice is more your cup of tea, just put in the regular Nav Update CD that you created earlier---without the modified ISO files and it will reload the original/default files.

If all of this sounds too complicated, which it isn't really, send me an email and I'll arrange to get a ready to use CD for you.

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