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This article exists to provide clarification for updating the NAV Software on your BMW/MINI Factory Nav system. You and ONLY YOU accept full responsibility for your actions for any problems that result out of following this. If you do not agree to this, then please leave this site immediately. Again, you accept full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. I do not work for, nor am I affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned in this article.

Did you know you can update the software of your Nav just by downloading a file from the net??? To find out what version you have, you go into the Settings menu and look at the upper right. You should see a 4-xx/xx

In my case it was 4-1/12. The 4 refers to the MIV of DVD version of the BMW Nav systems. The current latest version is 4-1/40. It looks like a huge jump, but it's really 4-1/12, 4-1/20, 4-1/30, and now 4-1/40

You can see the full chart here:
X5 World
Ignore that this page refers to the BMW X5. The nav info is the same.

To update your software, go to this link

Click on Version 24 and download the file.
This file is known as a CD IMAGE, and was created using software called Nero.

The file has been compressed in the RAR format, so to decompress it you need Winrar (WINRAR) or (

Now go to this URL
And download a free trial of NERO

Once you install it, run NERO



Now just take this CD, and insert it into the DVD NAV player found under the passenger seat. If all goes well, your NAV screen will say it's reading the CD and the Update process will take about 6 minutes. It's actually much quicker.

After about a minute, it will tell you to eject the CD and click OK, then it reboots.

What are the updates?

Well visibly, the outside termperature is now displayed on the lower left corner which wasn't there before. Under Route Preferences, there is a new Avoid Ferries, and some of the wording has changed. More significantly, the languages were reduced from 5 to 3. I think I used to have German, now it's just USA E F (english, spanish, french)--I may be mistaken though.

There are supposed to be some other improvements, which I haven't noticed yet. This update does not get rid of the ACCEPT screen and it does not give you the female British voice.

All in all, I think it's a worthwhile update, and easy enough to do yourself.

Would you like the British Female Voice?? Read how!

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