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Valve stem caps  

JANUARY 4, 2005

Last time I got new tires--about 11,000 miles ago-- I didn't realize that tire installers don't automatically give you back your old valve stem caps. I really liked the metal caps that came with my runflats! So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw the ugly black caps that came with my Yokohamas. But the other day I was reading on NAM that you can buy these caps from the dealer! So today I stopped by Long Beach MINI and asked for the metal caps from the MINI parts department. The guy kinda looked at me dumbfounded because he couldn't find the part number anywhere. Then he decided to look in a different catalog, and sure enough, those metal caps were in the BMW parts catalog. Each cap was only $0.65, so I bought 4!

This article merely documents the difference between the plastic and metal caps if you didn't already know this!

The metal cap has a rubber seal!

The plastic cap is just formed out of plastic.


Size Comparison

PART # 36-12-1-120-779 CAP $0.61

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