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This article exists to provide clarification for updating the NAV Software on your BMW/MINI Factory Nav system. You and ONLY YOU accept full responsibility for your actions for any problems that result out of following this. If you do not agree to this, then please leave this site immediately. Again, you accept full responsibility for the consequences of your actions. I do not work for, nor am I affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned in this article.

OMG, I have a bit of Hyundai in my MINI??? How awful is that?? Well only as awful as you think this looks, cause frankly, I think it looks pretty sweet. This article is about how to utilize a Hyundai Tiburon rubber shift boot in your MINI. Thanks to Sid (MSFITOY) for the help and info on how to do this mod! This shift boot isn't made anymore, but there are still some sources available. Start with eBay and use the links in this article to help!

These are the primary steps:


Total Time: 30 minutes or less
Skill Level: Beginner with some patience!

You'll need to buy the rubber shift boot and then use these instructions as a guide to removing the shift bootl:

It all starts with this

I bought this off eBay for around $40 including shipping. While it says $22.95 in the listing, he charges $12 for shipping!!! EEEK!! Here's the link.

When it arrives it looks like this:

From the top looking down

From the Bottom Looking Up

Let me tell you, while this is a pretty easy installation, it's not a "smooth as butter" install, so be prepared to do some cutting to make this fit. When I received my shift boot, I encountered a lot of difficulty in getting it to fit properly. I called up my friend Sid to ask him how he got his to work, and it appeared that the boot I received was different from his! Not wanting to waste $40, I decided I was going to make this work, regardless! As a result of this, I got more courageous with my scissors and began trimming more rubber away, all the while thinking, there was no turning back! As you will see by the end of this article, I actually accomplished my goal, and from the looks of it, I'm not so sure my rubber shift boot is any different from Sids!

If you followed the above link at Redlinegoods, you should have removed the Trim Ring from the shifter, but if not, no worries, as I will show you how I did it here. One of the trickiest parts was figuring out how to remove the inner ring that secures the vinyl shift boot in place without damaging it, then figuring out how to attach the new rubber boot to it.

REMOVE THE TRIM RING BY LIFTING IT STRAIGHT UP. There are 4 plastic pins that hold it in place. You can see one of the holes that accepts this pin at the lower portion of this picture.

You can clearly see 2 of the pins here that hold the ring in place. They are rather fragile, so treat them with care.

You will need to remove this zip tie and discard it.

Some wire cutters work very nicely here.

The position of the 4 holes that accept the Trim Ring pins can be clearly seen here, and should be helpful when removing the trim ring. Once the zip tie is removed, just slip the vinyl boot off as well.

A closeup of the shifter for no reason other than it looked cool. =)

When you remove the vinyl shift boot, you will see the trim ring is still attached to it.

Looking carefully, you can see that the vinyl has cutouts. You will need to push in the plastic hook of the trim ring to release the vinyl. Don't worry about the glue either that holds the boot in place.

I found a suitably sized flat blade screw driver can help in pushing the hooks inwards towards the center of the trim ring. You can then slip the vinyl shift boot and inner ring off fairly easily.

Finally the trim ring is free!

But now you need to remove the vinyl from the inner ring.

Don't worry about the glue--just keep removing the vinyl boot.

With the vinyl shift boot removed, try placing the new rubber shift boot over the inner ring.

Notice that the rubber ring protrudes out at the points of the previous hooks you pushed in with the screw driver. You will need to find a way to keep the rubber from being deformed like this. I decided to cut little u-shaped cutouts for the hooks so the rubber would fit around the hooks. It's also pretty clear that the lower rubber lip needs to be cut away here as it protrudes out of the bottom of the trim ring.

Just another view of where the rubber needs trimming.

To remove the lower lip of the rubbers shift boot, just use some scissors and trim it off.

This is how much rubber I trimmed off!

Now the rubber shift boot and the inner ring fit smoothly inside the outer trim ring!

Slide the shift boot over the shifter. Notice you will need to push the rubber sleeve down past the first washer lip. Note the position here.

Now just press the trim ring down into position, and voila!! You are done.

Final touch is to reattach your shift knob! I've got a Whalen here.

You can see here that the lower ring isn't very smooth. You will still need to make some adjustments to get any wrinkles or creases out.

That concludes the Shift Boot Mod! Hope this article was helpful!

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